Shandez Thunder Rising

Neuter Ch. Shandez Thunder Rising
Sire: Ch Greenhaven Rusty Brown
Dam: Ch Lester Panias Kiwi Konnexion (Imp NZ)
DOB: 8th June 2008

Rex was retired from the Show Ring when he was neutered but now is making a comeback. His first time back in the ring he won Best Neutered in Show at the Australian Terrier Club of NSW Inc September Show.

In his previously short show career he won Baby Puppy Showman at his first Australian Terrier Club of NSW Inc Show, Baby Puppy in Group and Puppy in Breed at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

He is a very gentle, happy dog who loves to sleep at my side.

Aust. Neuter Ch Shandez Thunder Rising
08/06/2008 - 13/11/2020

Rex collasped on the 13th November 2020, and after an Xray it was confirmed that he had a Hemangiosarcoma. An extremely large tumor attached to his spleen which burst and bled out. He was in no pain but at the age of twelve and a half there was nothing to do but let him go.
Many will remember my young grandson Quinten handling Rex to his Neuter Championship thus becoming the first Australian Terrier in Australia to do so.
He won many Group and Show awards, including Dogzonline Pointscore 2012 
for No.1 Neuter Australian Terrier Competition Australia. He also starred, along with his mother in a segment on Australian Terriers with Dr. Harry.
Rex was one of a kind. He was born to Show and boy did he show.
You could bet we would be the last to leave the grounds because we had to wait for General Specials It wasn't unusual for him to gain another Show Ribbon. 
Rex was one of seven puppies born to Ch Greenhaven Rusty Brown aka Rusty and Ch. Lester Panias Kiwi Konnexion (Imp NZ) aka Mikey short for (Michelangelo, the mutant ninja turtle) named by my grandson.   
It wasn't surprising that Quinten's interest in handling dogs started at the age of five, when his dog was in the ring and he was showing him.
He and Lucy used to fight over who was going to show Rex but inevitably Lucy would give in. He was an incredible "show dog"
He knew how many steps he would take when completing the triangle, and if any human overstepped the mark he would stop dead and wait till they retraced their steps. I have never seen him with his tail down. He used to prance around the ring with such beautiful movement.
His show career started when I entered a baby boy in our Aussie Show. 
Lucy picked two pups out of the seven pups and they wouldn't walk on a lead. Third time lucky, walked like a charm. He was quickly bundled into the car and off we went. I will always remember that day. Olive Robb's boy won Baby Puppy and Rex won Baby Puppy Showman. I was over the moon. His first show and what a win.
Due to misdiagnosis of slipping patella's at nine months we had him neutered.
Who would ever imagine that the Neuter Class would come into vogue when he was fifteen months old and he would come out of retirement and begin his career again. This time as a Neuter. 
So many times I heard the Judge ask why was such a good dog neutered.
I can honestly say it was an honor to call him my dog.
A true gift from God.


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