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This is Champion Heatherglen Stormyweatha (Jimmy) Bred by SJ Stannard. My very first show dog.
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My husband bought my first Australian Terrier six months after we married in 1970. Ever since I have never been without one by my side.

I began showing my Toy Poodles in 2002 and not long after I was lucky enough to acquire my first "Show Aussie".
Heatherglen Stormyweatha (aka Jimmy) 
He was truly such a wonderful boy. 

My daughter and I love showing our dogs. We mainly exhibit at Orchard Hills and local Dog Shows in the Illawarra area. 
Australian Terriers are the most loveable dogs in the world. 
Full of energy and never ending love.

Neuter Ch Shandez Thunder Rising
Neuter Ch Shandez Thunder Rising aka Rex.

A once in a lifetime "show dog".
A joy to have known.
A beautiful memory that will last a lifetime.
Photo by Ffiona Erskine.
FFiona can be contacted on

Shandez Running River

Shandez Running River  aka Dusty.               

I would like to Thank Tracy Murphy for the fantastic photography  in capturing our beautiful enthusiastic Breed. 

Tracy can be contacted on https://warpittphotos.webstarts.com                                        

Shandez River Storm
Introducing "Zion" born in April 2021. 

Due to the "new COVID outbreak" he has not commenced his 
"Show career" yet.
We have high hopes for this little fellow once restrictions are lifted  and we can go back to the new "normal"  and Conformation Showing commences again.

IMPORTANT NOTICE (Printed with approval from DogsNSW 30/09/2021)

Sadly it has become more and more apparent over the past few months that puppy scammers are out there in large numbers scamming thousands of dollars from unsuspecting, prospective and often naive people each month.

It is understood that as soon as one scammer site is reported and shut down, another site opens.

If, or when a person contacts you please, even if you don’t have a litter or are planning to breed, please alert people to scammers and that they they need to be mindful and on guard when contacting people advertising puppies for sale. The scam sites have wonderful photos of delightful puppies and paint glowing pictures to the uninitiated, unsuspecting potential puppy owner.

Please refer people to a DOGS NSW breed club, who have members that can provide guidance and direct them to DOGS NSW accredited breeders. Tell them to ask questions, speak to people - not just send texts or emails.

It really is the buyer, not knowing any better, falling for these scams. We have an obligation as responsible dog lovers, members and breeders to guide and educate people in how to tell the difference between a scammer (who in reality is a criminal) and a real registered breeder.

Importantly, if you become aware of a scammer you can report them to: https://www.scamwatch.gov.au/report-a-scam

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